WR450 Edelbrock Jetting

So I know a few of you have changed to a Edelbrock Carb. What needle number are you all using? The 7k is what comes with it and it runs pretty good. Is anyone using the e taper as opposed to the k?

Please, edelbrock haters do not need to reply (even though you probably will).

If it's running good with the current needle I'd leave it alone. I didn't have mine on long enough to get it set up and just haven't got around to putting it back on and setting it up yet.


I'm running a WR400 with edelbrock and found that it run well with the needle that came with it, however with nothing to do one weekend, I tried the two needles that they give you and found that the leaner needle was much crisper all around and totally got rid of the decel backfire and still pulled strong at WOT and easy start and idle. Worth a try.

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