Rear turn signal setups for DS 2005's

Ok, I am so sick of replacing signal lights and enitre turn signal assembies that it is briggin me down about my riding (which is never good).

They either bust just bouncing along the trails, or shatter to pieces when I find my way into the bushes or laying down on the trail. :thumbsup:

Does everyone else have this problem?

I knew my setup sucked before, but it just seems to be getting wrose and worse.



Could everyone PLEASE post some pictures of there rear turn signal setups so I can get some ideas for changing mine. And any other tips or suggestions are welcome too!

Thanks in advance, :thumbsup:

Most bike shops will carry the cheap flush mount turn signals, bought mine at Cycle Gear for like $8 a pair. I don't know how legal you need to be but mine are mounted directly to the fender behind the wr sticker. This does'nt give the distance between the signals to be totally legal but they are very visible, looks clean and I have'nt broke one yet. Along with a Scotts or other good licence plate bracket, (don't even bother with Baja Designs bracket) you should be good to go. Sorry no picture.

Haha, me too! I have not found a good solution for this. I may go with the non-DOT flush mounts. The latest ones i tried were very flexible and i thought it was going to be the last ones i would ever buy, but the mounting post tore out of the rubber mount after 10 miles of trails.

Here's one i would like to try next:

Non-DOT legal Flush Mount V's


If Electrosport sells it, I wont buy it. I will no doubt after a million calls to the support dept have to adapt it and not be happy with it in the long run

This has been my experiance with everything I have bought though them

Hay Max, have you used this new turn signal from Electrosport? What product(s) did you try?

hey thanks guys.

anyone else??

I recall seeing some rubber/urethane mounts similar to the metal brackets you have in your picture. You can probably find some sort of 1" thick by 2.5" long piece of rubber at Home Depot/Lowes/Hardware store and make them yourselves.

I use the flush mount LED lights in the back. They are "bright enough" and never break because they never make contact with the ground (although I do quite often)

Here's a good fix using the stock Baja Designs style lghts, but replacing the hard rubber stalk with a spring that you can get from any hardware store. Cut a short length and epoxy to the mount and light head. They're unbreakable and you can actually see them from behind unlike the flush mount types. (LED bulbs)

Hey great idea man!!! :thumbsup:

That even looks like something I can do (and that says alot). Thanks for the pics too! :thumbsup:

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