NH Kevin 420 status

Hey Kev,

Let us know any lessons learned on the 420 big bore upgrade. Who's doing the machine work for you, Erik Gorr? I've found some significant scoring in my cylinder liner recently and will probably be going down this same path soon.


I am on vaca right now, and don't want to lose the bike, if riding time opens up. I am busy finishing my basement. My Mother flew in from Minnesota to lend a hand, and socialize.

I have a 15 day stretch at work (seven days of days - one day off - seven nights of nights) that leaves nothing for me. I am looking at that right now.


My plant shuts down for refueling in mid May. I will be working 7-12's for 3-4 weeks during this period :):D:D . I think I may just wait until then...

I AM going w/ Eric Gorr :D to do this work.

Hope you have that POS :) running this year......by June :D:D:D I should have my bike dialed in with the EMM and leaner jetting per the Taffster by then. Like I need more power.... NOT :D

Are you still running the CF airbox?


June baby, June :D


I WILL be running the CF box...

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