Vapor temperature sensor?

I've got an XR650R and want to put a temp sensor from Trailtech on my coolant hose. From what I can find it looks like everyone is putting them on the horizontal hose that connects from the engine to the thermostat. Is this the right place? Also what size does this hose take? I've measured mine and it looks like a 22mm inside diameter. Trailtech only shows 19mm and 25mm inside diameters. Which one is everyone using? And lastly, what temps should this bike be running at (normal operating temp), so I know what's too hot for it?


Dude you read my mind. I was just getting ready to do the install on mine too. The upper hose (on top of thermostat into radiator) doesn't look like it has enough room so I was "assuming" the lower hose (bottom on thermo into head) was the one to use. It looks like the plastic coupling that came with my Vapor kit is too small for the hose? But I haven't even had it off yet so I would be curious to hear others installs too.:thumbsup:

we have always run temp sensors 3" from head outlet on all other motors.

build up the sensor with some Teflon tape to make it fit the larger hose diameter and crank down the hose clamps. sure sucks they can't ship a proper sized part, but it doesn't seem to harm the bike either. Had mine in for a year now and it's working well

If you have a plastic temp sensor, DO NOT install it. It's too small. Call Trailtech and they'll send you a larger, blue anodized billet aluminum one.

If you have a plastic temp sensor, DO NOT install it. It's too small. Call Trailtech and they'll send you a larger, blue anodized billet aluminum one.

huh? what's too small about it? bike works just fine with it. 170 degrees on the highway, overheating in stop and go and single track, just like without the sensor :thumbsup:

I guess I can call 'em and get it swapped, but why the hell would they sell the thing with the wrong sensor in the first place - I mean, the kit is labeled for a 650R - not something that would be different from bike to bike

What do I mean? Well, the black plastic sensor is TOO SMALL. Not trying to be a dick, I just don't know how else to say it. the ID of that temp sensor fitting is considerably smaller than the ID of the hose that it's supposed to fit into. Trailtech updated their 650R kits because some customers were complaining that the temp sensor created a flow restriction and was causing overheating problems. Glad to hear it hasn't been an issue for you, but I'd rather get the correct part for the application. Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool that Trailtech was taking care of their customers like that.

Yep Jesus is right. I called Trailtech and indeed it was wrong. Mine has a 15 mm ID and it needs to be 22 mm ID. They're sending the right one out tomorrow. Phew, glad I waited. Thanks.


Thanks! I just ordered mine too. I weas told this is the part number for it. 7500-3076

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