Oil/Air Filter Exp this weekend....XRL



Just changed the stock air filter on my '07 (1K miles)....it was pretty nasty...seemed to run just fine before...presume everthing is ok.

What do the stock filters cost and WHY would anybody buy another when the aftermarket foam filters seem WAY more cost (and performance) efficient?

Secondly....I know this has been discussed ad nauseam, but thought I would give my experience.

The XRL manual tells to fill the XRL w/2 quarts (no filter change) 2.06 (w/filter change) then start up the bike. I did just that...I changed my oil filter and w/o thinking simply added 2 full quarts...however the last several ounces STAYED IN THE FUNNEL (hehe)...so stood the bike vertical, bounced it a few times and it finally accepted the full 2 quarts. I could actually SEE the oil level by looking in the dip stick hole. Anyway....I got spooked of overfill, so I got wifey's turkey baster and sucked out a bunch...at least till the dipstick showed full.....

Then I started my L up....let it run a few minutes and checked the oil levels....it was bone dry. (???) (obviously, it filled up the oil filter area leaving me with a deficit). So I added more until the dipstick was only reading 1/2 full. This is where it is currently sitting until I get an answer from this post.

Does all this seem correct?

Should the dipstick read full on warm or cold? Does it matter? What happens if you significantly overfill? What range on the dipstick should the oil level be safely kept at?

btw, this is my 2nd change...Did my first at 300miles and this second one was at 1k. However I did go a thousand miles on the stocker air filter....I now have my UNI in place and plan on changing every 2nd/3rd dirt ride.

i always check hot. i keep it to the full mark also.takes 2 and 1/4 qts. on mine. there are a lot of this subject here already. every ones bike seems to be a little different. i think its just that everyone has their own procedure. as long as your gettin 2.06 qts in and you have FULLY drained the engine, downtube and cleaned the downtube screen, good to go!:thumbsup:

your right dont freak LOL fill it with your 2 qts or whatever gets it almost to top and cap off and run for a few seconds then refill and check warm like DODO boy above stated. I think my first change it got almost 2 1/2 in.

and cleaned the downtube screen,:

I thought this only need done like every 5K or so....

Isn't this a relatively TOUGH piece to get do?

dodo boy, LOL!

squatpuke, this may be, but i consider it a must. just think it wouldnt take much to have something come loose(a burr from machining)and restrict oil flow through the screen. maybe i'm paranoid, but if you have an extra 10 minutes, do it!

just use a quality socket (6-point)or box wrench on the downtube plug. very easy to round off!

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