WR450 to street legal cost

Sorry if this is posted elsewhere, but I'm looking at an '05 wr450 and was wondering what it woul cost me to make it street legal. (DS)

Thanks for any info...

it cost me $800 for the kit and the install. That being said, I was a sucker for paying the shop to do it. You should be able to search the forms and find the cheapest way to put together a kit. It's pretty much an entirely electrical process to get teh kit on, so if you are good with diagrams, I would do it yourself.

a rough estimate would be:

$30 front signals

$30 rear signals

$20 horn

$100 speedo (enduro computer)

$5 licence plate bracket

$5 licence plate light

$150 DOT tires

$20 mirrors

= $360 + a lot of electrical tape, patience and time.

Good luck

i paid for a kit 600 bucks but it made the install easy (did that part my self)

Since you live in TX, you don't have to spend a whole lot. You can buy a kit which are fairly expensive, or you can buy a few parts and do it yourself. For a TX plate all you need is 1 mirror, a hi/lo beam headlight which you already have on the WR, you need to buy a switch housing for use with the headlight, a tail/brake light and a compression switch on the rear brake to operate the brake light, a horn, and of course DOT legal tires.

I spent approximatly 350.00 on my 2003 WR450, I live here in Texas too.


connector to use the Hi/Lo beam on my headlight $4

Horn $8

handlebar switch (you can go cheaper here) $40

speedometer (may not be required in Texas, I had a cheap bycycle one the first time I had it inspected) $100

mechanical brake switch $10

license plate bracket (you could make your own cheaper) $25

License plate light $3

DOT tires $150

Mirror $10

You will need insurance and an inspection.

Like the above poster said, just a little patience and time is all that is needed to wire it up yourself.

If you live near Marshall, Texas you are welcome to check my bike out.

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