2007 YZ Just got a New Pipe Should I??

Just got a Pro Circuit Ti 4 Slip on for my 2007 YZ.

I run twin air filters with No Toil filter oil.

Should i buy the JD Jet kit??

Or what do i need to change to get this to run right?

I would rather just change a few jets since i have a bunch laying around but i am not sure what i need to do. Everything in the carb is stock minus the quickshot and fuel screw.

I ride 0 -500 Feet Desert in So Cal. Low Humidity 70 - 90 Degrees.


The first thing you should do is put the exhaust system on your bike and ride it, all bike are diffrent you should really ride the bike and determine how it runs before adjusting the jetting. As far as the filter goes install the twin air they are great filters:ride:

You shouldn't need to rejet. At the most you will need to adjust your air/fuel screw. What is your current jetting?

Check the "All YZ Jetting Thread" at the top, there is a ton of setups in there you may get some good info there.:thumbsup:

You might have to go up one size on the main jet, but the needle and pilot should be fine and you will most likely have to mess with the air/fuel screw a little.


In case anyone else has the same set up:

Main: 165

Pilot: 42

Needle: NFPP Pos: 4 from top

Mixture Screw: 2 Turns

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