GPS mapping software

I've got a Garmin 60CSx and I need a recommendation on map software. As I understand it there are really two options for riding, Streetmap and Recreationmaps both offered by Garmin. I've been told the Streetmaps is the better of the two.


I use the Streetmaps version. It contains county roads as well. It does not show trails though. The Recreationmaps version does not show the trails that I ride either. I carry the local maps in addition to the GPS when riding the XR. The GPS can give me position so I can find my location on the map and make my way to a county road. I use the same GPS and software on my R1200GS for navigation w/o paper maps.

I have a Garmin 60CX...a greta unit....for my use I've found the City Navigator NT version to be best (BTW the 60 series can use the NT compressed version, ALL US and Canada maps then fit on ONE 1 GB microSD 937 MB)

fire lane roads are in this map set...and it will route you thru them....

and for offroad, storing the tracks onto the card is great...and uploaded them to Google earth with ease to view your riding area/track (works well for Baja)..and share your track logs

I use the Garman MapSource® United States TOPO, because it has all the mountain roads and points of intrest like bridges, mountains, mines and shafts, forest and military bounderies. It does take way more memory then the city maps but, way worth it.

sounds like US Topo might be the way to go. I'll need to get more memory. Thanks for the advice.

try looking at National geographic as well trying to figure out what map program is looking more for USFS roads, BLM land....i use the Garmin gpsmap 60...

I've got the NG maps however; they aren't transferrable to the unit. I can only plot out my course and transfer the waypoints to the actual roads or details of the map. If I get the street software at least I'll see some of the roads prior to hitting them.

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