Acerbis 6 gal. 650R tank..

I've found one and it seems like it would be good for logn d.s. and desert rides,Baja and such. Any isues, pros or cons? What would a used one in good shape be worth?

Thanks in advance,E.

pros....good long replace spark plug,have to remove seat and tank...removing and installing the 2screws at the centre of the frame is a pain...:thumbsup:

Good for the long rides and provides a lot of protection to the radiators. All that gas really cuts down on wheelie power. I would suggest getting a 4.6 or 4.3 for shorter rides when you don't need a 200 mile range.

personally I don't feel any difference in power between a full Acerbis tank and an empty one. I take a full tank into the desert and my XR has more power than I can ever use.

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