Keihin 39mm FCR-MX Install, DR650

Anyone know where I can get a descent choke assembly for my FCR MX(YFZ450) my detents are worn out and I manually have to hold it open :banghead:



Anyone know where I can get a descent choke assembly for my FCR MX(YFZ450) my detents are worn out and I manually have to hold it open :banghead:



You should be able to get an OEM part or one from Sudco. If you go OEM, get the Kawasaki part. Way cheaper than Yamaha.

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I don't really need an OEM part specifically, but I haven't been able to find an after market one to save my life, I looked on TT, DennisKirk, Bikebandit, no luck.


Guys, I'm looking for the 3mm stainless steel washer for under the clip on the needle.

I've looked at our local hobby shop and they what looks like the perfect washer but it's not stainless steel. Note, I found out a couple of things, 3mm I think are the same as #4 washers, also all #4 washers are not the same thickness or outer diameter.

So a question for those more knowledgeable.

Do we need stainless steel, or with the carb fumes, will the washer rust?

Does anyone have a source or at least know where I can get one that will work?

If someone has one I'll be more than happy to paypal some money for it and to cover the postage cost to Toronto Canada.

As my first post, I'll say that I have NOT read through all 102 pages of content on this thread, but I fully read MX Rob's site on the FCR conversion. i just completed the conversion a couple of weeks ago and the very next day began a 550-mile trip. The only part I didn't do is the shim under the needle jet, and while I do get some popping on decel, the jetting seems spot-on! All in all, Rob, this was a fantastic write-up and tutorial you've put together, and the ready-to-install jetting kit made things super-easy.


I will say that I went with the FCR from the 2007 YZF 450, and it appears to be a bit of a hybrid between the YZF/KTM comparison you show. The throttle cables are a bit easier to hook up than the YZF carb you show, and it has the rotating fuel inlet that the KTM carb has. The castings, however, all appear to be like the older YZF. Bottom line, the "newers" YZF FCR carbs work like a charm.


As for the ride? Just.. WOW. Seriously. I had a worn out rear 17" tire that I replaced with a brand-new 18" Karoo 3 (wheel from a DR350), so I really changed two things as once. The new Karoo 3 made my DR sit about 1.5" - 2" taller than before (and look tough as nails), and I didn't change the gearing at all. As you can imagine, this results in effectively upgearing it, which should make it feel a bit less torquey. Nope. The thing is a freaking throttle wheelie monster in first gear. Literally just goose it and the front end goes flying. It LOVES the 18" rear. I found myself able to shift a bit earlier than before as well. For instance, I used to shift into 5th gear at 50 mph, and I can now shift into 5th at 45 with no problem at all. 


I then switched back to my 17" rear wheel (due to a flat on the Karoo 3), and I was AMAZED at how much earlier I can shift. The 18" rear really was masking just how low this thing is now driveable. I can easily shift into 5th gear at 40 mph now. And the instant-on power is just that must more noticeable with the 17" rear. Though I will say it doesn't wheelie as well with the 17" rear. It just seems to rev through the powerband too quickly.


The biggest pain for me was getting the aluminum airbox collar machined. I had to call 8 different machine shops before I found one that would do it. One of them wanted $125!!! In the end, I found a shop that did it for $30, but as I had it made, I was wondering why we don't just have a shop make a couple dozen of them, then sell them ready-to-go? Sure would save people the hassle of that step. Just a suggestion.


Again, thanks so much for the write-up, research, and support on this. You've breathed new life into this great bike!

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