Opinions on parting bikes out

Who's done it? Do you think you made more on it that way than selling it whole? Any lessons learned in the process?

And if parting out, say a YZ450, would you think the engine would be worth more complete, or in parts?

Gray, a red sticker bike will fetch more this time of the year since the season at most riding places is going to be opening up within the next month.

With that said, what most people are willing to pay will probably still be less than what you could get for the bike if you parted it out. How much is your time worth to you?

How do you like your new 06?

I love the '06, of course. It was like bringing home a new leftover, it had so little time on it.

What I'm thinking is, how long will the '03 take to sell versus how low will I have to bring the price to move it, versus how much could I get for everything besides the wheels. See?

Grey I think you can make more parting it out, but the problem seems to be how much time it takes to get everything sold....

What are 03s going for in your area?

did you buy a stock 06? Blue or yellow?

us hybrid quad guys eat that stuff up in a hurry,the engine should sell fairly quickly if you know were to list it...sites like atvriders.com (in the hybrid forum) or any other sites dedicated to hybrid quads should move that engine in a hurry. another way is to e-bay it and place a link to the auction on the hybrid sites. some of us (myself included) keep a complete spare yz motor on the shelf "just in case."

The lowest asking price in today's Trader is $2650, and there are several over $3200, but I think they're crazy. Maybe not. But I did just buy an '06 for $3800, too.

It's a stone stock blue issue, ridden twice, with the OEM tires on it. The tires still had sprues all over them, and the air box was barely dirty. Even the timing plugs were still loose. Shiny plastics, the whole deal. Barely broken in.

IMO, just guessing, I think it would take a very long time to sell the '03 for $2500 or more, and then it would be gone altogether. Whereas, if I parted it, I might get that or more, and an extra wheel set in the bargain. That's what I'm thinking.


I parted my blown up (trashed jug/power valve ass'y) 95 RM125, and made enough to buy my 00 426.

It was a lot of work, but I made 2-3 times as much as I would selling it whole.

ditto just helped a friend part out a blown up 250f and he got roughly 1500$ i think he said with a blown motor and not selling major suspension... he did get good money for wheels, frame, subframe, cylinder head, and bunch of other performance parts however stock might be a lil different but you should get at least 2500

go price out a few pieces on ebay... the big stuff... and add it up and see what you come up with..

the little parts like brakes, and levers, and cables will take longer unless you get lucky and somebody needs em

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