No spark

hi i previously posted a thread on my bike which was running sick, fixed the air filter it was over oiled, and the bike shop sold me the wrong one. so i sorted out that, and it still wont start. pulled out spark plug and held it against motor and there is no spark, i checked the fuses and there fine, can anyone help, ive had this bike a month and im severly stuck.

I must of missed it, but what type of bike is it.

I had the Coil go out on my 04' WR, it was just a bit out of specs but that turned out to be the problem.

hey yea sorry 03 Wr 450f, yea thats what i think too. if the battery is on the way out will it effect the spark? because the battery isnt holding its like either.

Spark is totally independant of the battery. Check the coil, CDI and trigger coil - in that order. Good luck. Oh... first rule out loose/bad connections.

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