GYTR Dealers in UK?

Tried googling to find a GYTR dealer in the UK (other than for ATV's) but have had no success.

Anybody know of a decent dealer in the UK?

Yamaha GYT-R products are only sold by Yamaha dealers. Additionally, general consensus is that GYT-R named products are only sold in the USA. I looked on the Yamaha-Europe website and they sell a lot of "bolt on" off-road accessories for motorcycles. Remember however, they generally don't manufacture this stuff, they contract with a manufacturer of whatever product they want to sell and put Yamaha on the label. Case in point, Yamaha GYT-R 3.4 gallon gas tanks are made by Acerbis and are identical in every respect to the Acerbis product--- except in price. Better to look for the specific product and then decide if you want to spend the extra money to have Yamaha sell it to you.

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