What is involved in changing WR to YZ tank/seat combo

Just wondering what all is involved in this process and how difficult it is to do.


Not really anything to it larry.

First off you get the 01 YZ tank for you WR, move all the hardware over to the YZ tank, mounting brackets, etc. and it should mount up exactly as the WR tank does currently.

As far as the seat goes, same thing, get a yz seat base, cover, and foam (unless you buy it all together) and slap that baby on.

Nothing to it.

On a difficulty factor of 1 to 10 (10 being the most difficult) I would say about a 2, mabye a 1.

I see that Clarke sells a combo yz tank sdg seat... it's here. http://www.clarkemfg.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv

I heard no complaints when i posted a question earlier about this set up... let me know how you like it if you go this route.

I have a '00 YZ 426 seat/tank combo that I would sell for $200. They are both in very good shape, the seat has a brand new cover on it. (stock)

E-mail me for pics if you're interested.


I also have a bunch of other stuff off the bike for sale.

parts thread

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