Twisted Forks--General Maint Question

Hi all,

Took my better half out on her brand new 07 WR250F and like a trooper she flipped it going up a hill (was proud of her since she made it to the top then over throttled just as she got there--still corked up too

Anyway, noticed the forks were slightly twisted...any concerns other than loosening bolts and straightening out? Thanks...Regards, KS


nope had mine very twisted before. at least 10 degrees off straight at the bars. loosened the clamps, tugged it, and good as new. glad I had fatbars though. or woulda had some funky geometry at the handlebars.

Thanks gents, am on it right now....

As an aside, not much of a fact was doing the after break-in bolt torqueing thing and shredded the head off a rear disc brake bolt...guess I didn't set the torque wrench right! Anyway, 30 minutes later was able to get it out the backside using colorful :thumbsup: language without any damage to inside and learn!

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