YZ Hurricane Graphics for sale

For sale, one complete set of Stroker yellow Hurricane Hannah graphics for a 98-99 YZ. Probably will fit 2000 and up models also. Im just not sure. But I do know it will fit the 98-99's.

This includes everything you see in the pics.

* Stroker shroud graphics

* 2<b/> sets of tank graphics!

Its time for spring cleaning, and I need to get rid of this stuff.

$50 and I pay shipping.

Will ship only in lower 48 states. Thanks!




I've got the Hurricane graffics from One Industries on my 98' WR but my tank graffics are getting beat up. I was going to see if you would take $40 for the graffics?

Off the subject, I live up in St. Louis and have been trying to talk my riding buddies into going down and riding at Chadwick, how is that place? We mainly ride at St. Joe, Finger Lakes, and Mark Twain National forest by Potosi. How does Chadwick compare to these places, if you've been to any of them?

Thanks, Chris

Sure Chris, I'll take $40

E-mail me at darinh@cleanlink.net and we will get all the details worked out.

Honesly, Chadwick dosent compare to any of them. Chadwick is much rockier, technical terrain. There are over 100 miles of trails and the hillclimbing is awesome!

If you have never been to Chadwick, you will not regret coming down.

Here are a couple threads from this site's archives where it has been discussed before.

>>>>Chadwick Info 1

>>>>>Chadwick Info 2

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