110/80x18 IRC M5B -- To narrow for a BRP??

You guys think this tire will be to skinny for my xr650r, up here in VT we see lots of mud,water,rocks,roots, no sand. I have an extra laying around and am thinking about slapping it on, but have never ran such a narrow tire on the bike.

It should work ok,not great , I would not go any lower than a 110 though....I personally would not run it, it would be all over the place.......Cant beat the price

I drove a BRP with a relatively new 110 rear tire and it wouldn't hook up for me. It was actually kinda fun on the fireroad I was on. Felt like Chris Carr for a few miles.:thumbsup: It wasn't much fun trying to loft the front wheel over logs and roots on singletrack though. I found myself really tugging on the bars and/or bouncing the front end.

Sean :thumbsup:

The IRC website says that tire is for a 1.85 or 2.15 inch rim. 2.15 is what your bike has so it should work just fine. Yes it will be a bit small, but I would run it on my bike if I had one laying around.

Thanks for the tips guys, i'll prob. put it on the xr600 and buy a wider one for the 650.

That 80 profile means that the tire does not have as much distance from the outside diameter to the rim. Given this, your rims are not as well protected against hard hits to rocks, roots, curbs, etc. Plus, it may look funny. Can you get a 110/100 instead?

Have you tried the maxxis IT 120/110-18? I like that tire, although my bike tends to rotate the tire on the rim causing the valve to take an angle.

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