with all the dr.D talk can i

with all the Dr.D talk i was thinking can i put the new style endcap on my D shape can ?

Maybe. Call them and ask.

will do tomrrow

ok well i called them up today and they said the cap will bolt on but it would look funny bacuse on the new can they cut it short 2 inches so it wouldent stick out far. BUT they said if i send my can in they will do a conversion kit and what they do is cut your can 2 inches and mount the new tip on for 80$

but the new tip will mount right up

Now that I have a late one and an early one to compare side by side, I'll just tell you that it isn't two inches. More like 1 3/8". The new cap is about 4" OAL from flange to tip. At that, it wouldn't be as long as the stock muffler.

hey thanks a lot gary

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