Your gnarliest get-off and the aftermath...

Anybody interested in discussing your crash-and-burn experience and advice?

Describe a crash you had, why it happened and what you learned, what equipment saved you (or could've saved you), and how you got yourself "back into the game" after the crash...

How do you protect yourself and keep your 'head in the game' of riding when you deal with a risky thing like O/R riding?

I'll throw in my HO's and $0.02, if anybody's interested... Otherwise, have a great day anyway.

Best, Futura

i was out riding by my self (first mastake) was riding in a area i know pretty well seen a little jump i have jumped be for( i thought) it was one i just kinda poped off in second gear. well like i said i thought ( second mastake) well just as i hit the top of it i found out it wasn't the same one this was a double that i should have hit in 3rd pined or in 4th . bottom line i was short and stuffed the front end into the face of the other hill and fliped the bike over on top of me. i hit face first into the dirt with the bike on my back.well goood thing i was whereing ALL my gear so all i did was hurt my shoulder a little but the bike got the head light smached bent the bark busters broke the compression release.

now the BAD thing is the bike was only 3 weeks old and i'm 5 miles away from the truck . and it was a real pain to get the bike started without a compression release.

SO what did i learn look before you jump .(but it didn't help much i crashed the nexted :D:)

I don't remember very much of my best crash. A friend of mine came upon the aftermath about 3 minutes latter but I don't remember talking to him. It was at a isde qualifier up here in the Great White North and I somewhat recall running along a fence line and just grabbing top gear at the crest of a rise. From what I was told afterwwards the trail went through an opening in a stone fence and it appears from the divot I caught the top of the fence and went over the bars :)

I don't remember anything else about the day except soaking down a tweeked knee at the motel that night.

willy fitz

y2k wr400

suspension enabled (Machine Racing)

As you know, Florida is the whoop capital of the universe. Around X-mas time, three of us went to the Titusville riding area, near Cape Canaveral. Feeling really good about something (first mistake), I was just busting the whoops like never before. As a side note, Titusville is famous for it's root infested, non-timable, sharpedged monster whoops. So I pulled away from my two riding buddies, and when I got to the end of the run, they were no where in sight. So being a good buddy, I turned around, and started heading back. About 1/2 way back, in 4th gear ( almost in fifth), I doubled a whoop, only to land in a cunvolted rootfest. This sent me off sideways into another set of roots, which in turn directed me towards a 2.5 wide oak tree. About 15 seconds later I woke up, the bike pointing the opposite direction, and I was looking at the sky. Upon inspection, my watch was missing, taken by the first tree I glanced off of. The big tree, on the other hand sustained some damage. There was a 1.5 square foot patch of bark missing, and it was scattered down the trail, for 30 feet! All considering, the bike was ok: Front fender creased down the middle and broken, Cycra bark buster broken (yes it's aluminum), Master cylinder banjo bolt broken loose, the forks twisted like crazy, and a bent footpeg...Still wheelied on the way back to the truck. That's when things started to hurt. End result: three cracked ribs, bruised lung, really large right forearm and calf.

Man, do I feel lucky!

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I was along the side of the creek where it opens into a field and was heading towards the field on my xr650 with HRC Kit winding out 4th shifting to fifth. for some reason i decided i wanted to instead follow the creek some more so i changed my line of travel when I instantly noticed that the entire pathway had been mowed/cut/bush-hogged except for a small piece i was heading directly for which was convered/surrounded with tall grass. next thing i know im flying about 10 feet high in the air with the bike flying under me. dont remember hitting or rolling, just remember checking to make sure my toes and fingers all worked once i was laying still on the ground. when i stood up i was a good 50-75 feet from the bike and the bike was about a good 50 feet from what i hit. luckily no broken bones, just scrapes and bruises and a hip that i still cant feel any sensation in to this day. i went back to look at what i hit and it was a concrete sewer cauldron(sp?). bikes handlebar was snapped in two and the clutch lever/handle layed down the side of the bike, plastics busted, subframe busted, forks twisted, shifter bent and hand gaurd missing. bike fired right up...put the clutch lever in my lap to shift gears, aimed left, went straight, and rode it home :) . once i got home, the pain hit and i wanted to die :D

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I was riding a Yamaha TT 500 Dirt Tracker at the Boyed speedway in Texas, this guy had been blocking me from passing him in the corners for about three laps when I decided I was gonna pass this jerk or else. Well at the end of the straight away coming into turn three I came in so fast that I didn't have enough ponies to keep the back end from coming around, so yes I high sided and took out some hay bales at about 90mph (looked like a small cow exploded). So what did I learn? Ride your own race. What did it cost? A pair of handle bars, a set of number plates, a clutch lever, six hay bales and a little brain swelling.

I had just started riding when my worst crash happened. I was on an old XR250R, riding at about 50 mph down a long, straight, 2-land wide dirt road. I was following the leader about 8 feet behind him when the road suddenly turned into a giant water puddle-the entire width of the road and just as wide. It was about 30 feet across. The leader immediately hit the brakes. All I could do was grab a handful of front brake (bad move). The next thing I know, I'm wet, then I'm flying through the air, then I land--head first right into the enbankment on the other side of the puddle. I heard a giant crunch as I augered into the dirt. I was dazed and stunned and all I knew was that if I could get up, I wasn't paralyzed from the neck down. I got up stumbling around and then fell back down. Looking back, I had cleared the entire puddle by about 15 feet! So I had traveled trhough the air about 30 feet before I landed. The bike was laying there right next to me. Apparently, when I grabbed the front brake, that was the exact same time I entered the puddle. So I endoed and flew.

The bike sustained a bent front axle and triple clamp. I had major neck and shoulder stiffness but no broken bones or other serious injuries. I was able to hobble back on the bike to pack it up.

I learned that following too close at high speeds can be dangerous and I keep it in mind every time I ride.

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I couldn't pass this one up.

I holeshot the bomb at Hare & Hound in Red Mountain, the first time I ever rode a bomb dust free. I was certain I was lost. After we funneled into a canyon and a couple of the young guys got past me (I'm 46) I was going hard in the dust not wanting to waste my excellent start.

The next thing I knew I was sitting beside the trail and the Quads were going past. I remember thinking how odd it was that the quads had already caught us. ( Approx 20 minutes had elapsed) In my daze I found I couldn't rememeber how I had gotton to where I was nor did I have any idea the way back. This was in a canyon mind you.

The sweep riders finally came thru and put behind one of them to take me back the whole 3 miles to the pits.

This was the second time I had ever taken my wife to the races with me and I had to try to make up excuses as to why I couldn't remember anything or why my back hurt so bad. There was a huge chunk of fiberglass missing from the back of my helmet & I to this day have no recolection of what happened out there.

After squirmming around for a week at home eating Vicodin to try to kill the pain in my back, I finally went to the doctor. I had three broken vertabrae and 2 cracked ribs. No wonder it hurt. The worst part was telling my wife. I was sure she would roll out the KTM in the driveway and set it on fire.

It took 3 months of no riding and very little sleep but the back healed and I started racing again.

I suppose it's better that I can't remember the crash or I might be really scared.

Someday I really need to grow up.


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