New owner

well guys after being away from blue for while im finally back. pickin up my new 07 yzf 450 this weekend. i cant wait. i decided on 07 because of all the talk of the 08 motor and i figured id save some money for mods. :thumbsup:

congrats!! enjoy your new toy! :thumbsup:

congrats!! enjoy your new toy! :thumbsup:

o i will lol i rode my buddies last weekend and i finally realized how much i love my yamis. i felt right at home and his is a roached out turd lol

Sweet ride!

You gonna love it!!!(and I'll bet the price was pretty sweet too!)

Welcome to the YZ450F club aka Yamahauler addiction club!

o yes it was a very good price 5200 and 0 down 0 payments 0 interest for 12 months. so now i can take some more time to sell my bike now and get what its worth. ive been lowering my price like mad to sell it.

Alright guys I have money to spend haha its funny because i dont have the bike yet but ive rode an 07 numerous times and i know i need more low end power( im a slut for that lol ) so i was thinkin about orderin up these

- dr d full system

- zipty carb mod

what do you guys think?

I just joined Club Yam about 2 months ago after racing CRF450s' since 2002. At first I hated my 2007 YZ450F, now I love it.:thumbsup: Here's all it took:

Dr. D full Ti system...saved 2 lbs

Dr. D radiator lowering kit

Rekluse e-axle...set at 24mm

R & D powerbowl

Dunlop 756 front tire.:thumbsup:

whats the point of a E axle? what does it do. and how can it be important?

i just put on the 756 rear tire, thinking about the front. MX4life how is the 756 front?

The stock front sucks, get rid of it. Zip Ty mod is a must, it will really wake your bike up.

whats the point of a E axle? what does it do. and how can it be important?

The Rekluse E-axle allows you to change the steering offset. The 07 450 has a 25mm offset and most agree the 24mm is a better setup. Turns better but still stable at speed. The Rad lowering kit and the Dr D ti pipe makes the bike easier to flick in the turns. I've used the D756s' on all types of tracks. The only thing we don't have around here is blue groove. I hear the new 742f is a very good tire as well. :thumbsup:

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