Any luck selling? NOT ME.

The scammer's "certified" check looks real and a bank will cash them only to come back weeks later and hold the payee completely fact some victims have been prosecuted for the bad can have your bank check out the check before cashing it.

I have a $15000 fake check that I've had for a few years that I still look at and Laugh!

You have to do a "regular" sale. None of this I send you this you send me that stuff. I have sold stuff thru Craigs list and they ussually hit you once the ad posts. Delete delete delete. I sold a car on Craigs list, met the guy at neutral spot. We went to the bank together and got the money. Scammers have all day to think of how to rip you off. That is what they do for a living. I would be leary of anything different than that.

Have faith, you will find a buyer. You need only one person. Advertise it and they will come... you have a nice product. The product will sell itself. KJR

Reading this I loosing my faith in buying a dirtbike from overseas :confused:

Buying a bike (or any larger item) from oversees can be hard, however, if you approach the seller properly to begin with you should not have too many issues, first off, you'd have to get yourself some representation in the country of bike origin - a broker should be able to handle all your needs - yes, it will add to the price, but at least everything will be on the up and up. If you'd rather not pay a broker, you would have to be the one taking a risk on the transaction since the bseller likely would not release product unless he has a certified cheque or money order in hand, then it's up to the seller to be the honest guy and follow through on his end of the bargain - this is where you could get shafted depending on who you are dealing with.

Do you know a good broker?

edit: I mean some company which takes care of these things.

The last bike I sold was to a guy who bought it with one of those credit card checks. I told him at the outset that he would have to wait for the check to clear before taking possession of the bike. He agreed and signed the bill of sale I made up which included such language, but after a week went by and the check not cleared yet, he started to get pissed off. I held my ground and reminded him that he agreed to the terms. Once it cleared he took possession of it but he wasn't happy. Oh well. Cash is indeed king.

I got paid with one of those for remodeling job I did for some people. I looked around their house and it didn't look like they were hurting for money in any way. I finished up and the bill was for $2650. They didn't pay me because they didn't have the money the day I finished. I got pissed off thinging about it...called the next day and they blew me off...threatened them and they came up with a capital one check. It was bad. Then they decided to pay me with a real check. I called the brick store to see if their check cleared and it did but it was a creditcard check too. Some people?!

Unfortunately, I don't know of any US brokerages, it's easy enough for us Canadians to drive down there and :confused: the stuff back without taxes etc.

An internet search might turn up a few companies.

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