Anyone ever replaced this? Please help!!!

INER TUBE COMP - as it is called at Powersports Pro. Basically it is the piece that the front caliper bolts to. They want $160 for the part :) - but what will I have to do to get it on?

That sounds like the lower fork tube. Did you damage yours?

There is a cast alum piece on the lower fork tube. It looks like a separate piece as it is cast - unlike the fork tube itself.

Yes - I tagged a rock with it on a hillclimb - not even a really hard hit, but it busted out where the caliper bolt threads into it. I will probably try to take it to a welder since I am currently unemployed - but I was wondering if it was pressed in - or if I would need special tools to get it off.

In this picture it is #3


The part is the entire inner fork tube with the aluminum piece already installed. They are not sold seperate.

Double crap! :)

OK - my bad. I should have examined it after I took the inch of mud off of it. The piece that broke was actually part of the caliper assembly.

It is the piece that bolts to the fork and allows the caliper to float. Have it in my hand right now.

Unfortunately, it seems that they do not sell just this piece either - but will sell me a caliper for $150 :)

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