no spark

i have yz450 03 which i just did the top end and rejetted the beast. I went on a 2 rides everthing was all good besides trying to kick it when it was hot. The bike stalled yesterday and it wounldnt kick over took the plug out have no spark. can any one point me in the right direction thanks.

Have you tried another plug....sometimes they just give up, it's happened on my 426, it stalled out and would'nt start so i pulled the plug and no spark, put an old one in and it fired right up.

yea tried new plug i have no manual so i have no idea how to check the coil andcdi and stator

You can download a manual...i'll try and find the link

i need the english version please

i need the english version please
English, French and German, all right there.

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