Riding with a crushed pipe bad??

Well, i layed my bike down on sunday and crushed my pipe up pretty bad. After that i rode for about another half hour and went home. Now i havent ridden it since but my mechanic told my dad that could have overheated my bike and ruined the valves:excuseme: i dunno, sounds kinda strange to me but, is this true? I didnt notice any excessive heat..


idk my friend dinged his CRF250 headpipe pretty good and still rides/races it..

no problems but prolly lost some airflow and running a little rich due to not enough clean air being able to be pulled into the cylinder?

that would be my guess but i really dont know everything... i would simply think a slight loss of performance unless it is crushed like in 1/2

oh by the way its my head pipe thats crushed, and id say it more like kinked, were it bends. and it more than crushed half, its not dinged, its crushed. And i dont intend on riding again untill i get a new header, im just concerned that i may have caused some engine damaga.

...my mechanic told my dad that could have overheated my bike and ruined the valves:... is this true?
No. :thumbsup:

its kinda like putting a 2003 wr250f pipe on it. the hole is no bigger then a pencil and its a cannon lol! just means your bike should be quiet and really really restricted lol

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