valve cover breather tube sucking in dirt???

I wanted theft and fire coverage and all they could offer me was basicly full coverage insurance. It costs me 14 buck a month through State Farm in Michigan. :thumbsup:

Thanks, I am gonna see if I can get coverage like that also :thumbsup:

I ran mine straight to the air box and also put a K&N filter on it. I used a small crankcase breather filter for a Harley Davidson, it works great. When I first got the bike I stalled in a huge puddle, not knowing any better I re- started the bike and after a half miniute or so I was on my way, later that day I droped the oil plug and almost fell on the floor, The motor was filled to the top with milky oil.

better water, i pulled my valve cover off and i got nothing but GRIT in the breather hole on my head! not coool

heres the mod with the mini filter i did- it works wonders!



You understand that that will not stop water, right?

Yes, but i NEVER ride in water. just in REALLY dusty conditions:thumbsup:

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