Weight Savings

Because it is winter here in CO, I am regulated to riding tracks. While I have a pretty good time doing so, I would like to attack the jumps a little harder than I have been on my 275 lb bike. I am looking to save weight. So far I have thought of a few ideas...

1) Replace beefy skid plate with stock glide plate.

2) Remove kickstand.

3) Replace headlight with number plate and remove odometer.

4) Possibly replace rear fender with a YZ fenter to loose the taillight.

Anyother suggestions (and I am NOT willing to purchase anything titanium or carbon fiber :) $$$)

By the way, how will the number plate fit? Will I need to make any mods to get it to fit? Thanks, Doug


This may be fairly obvious, but something I didnt think about for quite a while and when I finally done it, it saved me about 20 pounds.

Drain all the gas out.

Except for enough to make a few laps!



Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Enduro Heaven

someone did an article in which they said the best weight saver for your £ was to put all acerbis plastic on. i think they talked of a 3lb saving for only a few bucks spent.

sometimes good value can be

carbon airbox = more power less weight

aftermarket exhaust = more power less weight


Remove coolant resivoir (if applicable),

remove airbox and filter completly and fit an after market airfilter that requires no box,low cost less weight better performance.

Run lightweight tires and tubes (eg michelin S-12s, and light weight tubes. Remove the stock odo and drive assembly from the front axel. Use another spacer just like the one on the brake disk side and the same kind of grease seal(yamaha). Run the oil level near the bottom mark on the dip stick. Run no more than one gallon of gas at a time. Remove any hand guards and enduro stuff.


How about layin' off the donuts......... :)

Mike, I thought you were a pipe fitter not a cop.....


I'm not sure what I am, but I do know I'm not tall (just ask NH Kevin). I think you'll be disappointed with Metcalf. It's not bad if you live close by but I guess any riding is good, right! You're really going to like the Flyin' W. We are planning a ride for the weekend of the 10th. I believe Monty will be in Death Valley that weekend.


If there are NO rocks, you could probably lose the skid plate altogether. I am assuming you have dumped the kickstand. Also the gas comment is VERY REAL. If you have the IMS tank, put enough in for a 20 minute moto. I have raced against guys who were topping their tanks OFF! Ditto on the glycol reservoir.

P.S. Glycol is European/Australian for anti- freeze :).

Just remember the one thing you DONT want is to have you bike start sputtering because its starting to run out of gas before a 100" triple.

(yes thats right I said 100", not 100')

Whaddya think us Missourians can fly like Superman!


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Enduro Heaven

I agree with Clark you can run out of gas on a track with a short walk to the truck to get fuel. Not like at Moab. I actually raced a motocross race with my 4.3 gallon tank handguards and all the enduro garb with pretty good results.Tank full of course, what a dope. Live and learn.I remember hearing the guys on the starting line saying something like is that dude lost or what? I think i finished 6/6 with a 20 rider field, the older i get the faster i was :)


The W can't be the 10th :) My parents are in town that weekend and I've got a work party on Sunday at MCMA. Waaaaaaahhhhh


Originally posted by Howard Huge:

I actually raced a motocross race with my 4.3 gallon tank handguards and all the enduro garb with pretty good results. Tank full of course, what a dope. Live and learn.I remember hearing the guys on the starting line saying something like is that dude lost or what?


That’s hilarious!

You should’ve leaned over and said, “Excuse me, where is the first checkpoint?”

Dougie,(Regarding the front YZ plate) I think I remember reading a post stating that you purchased a Scotts top clamp with your stabilizer, I have the same set up on my bike. If so you will notice a small tapped hole on the front of the clamp, Scotts sells a small mounting tab for the mounting of a YZ plate. It fits perfect. I think the bike looks cleaner without the headlight, also the YZ rear fender bolts right up. Good luck, Dan

I'd say not-full gas tank unless necessary BIG counter, lose the muffler (YZ vs WR HUGE weight difference), remove extras like kickstand, coolant reservoir will cost you a bit of function, but pay off a lot in weight. Metal handguards add a bit, you could lose them for MX.

Thanks guys. Duh, the gas should have been a no brainer. I'm just used to filling to the top.

Dan, thanks for the tip on the Scotts setup. I was hoping for something easy with the plate.

However, I have some bad news and some GREAT news. The bad news, I will not be riding for quite a while. The GREAT news, it is because we have just had our first child last week. A healthy little baby girl. So I will be devoting all my free time for a while to enjoying my brand new hobby...raising a baby daughter. All I need now is some sleep :)

Congratulations Dougie!

Congrats Dougie,

I've got two daughters and believe me, it's the greatest thing in your life!

I think my brother-in-law would disagree with Mike - he now has 3 daughters. One 2 yr old and twins that are 2.5 months old. Have you seen the commericial for Bayer for Women(something like that)? Well they modeled it after my BIL :)

Congrats Doug!!!!



Congratulations, here's something I've learned from raising my two boys (11&14). The first year you'll teach them how to walk and talk. The next seventeen, you'll be telling them to shut up and sit down :D

Enjoy, every minute :) My oldest is in high school and will be driving soon, but it seems like yesterday, when I was changing his diapers.



86TT225, 99WR, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards. YZ stock tank and IMS seat. Renthal Jimmy Button "highs" and Renthal Soft half waffle grips. AMA, SETRA.

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