Doug Henry foam HUH???? Want softer and lower!

I have seen the new Ceet light gripper seats and am also in need of new graphics. I bought the IMS "Doug Henry" seat, way back when. If the Henry seat is taller (than stock foam) I'd like to get some new foam (lower).

Who makes the cushiest seat foam in standard height?



Sorry, I don't have a suggestion for ya, but I figured I'd bump ya back to the top anyway. The stock foam seems to be made of something between oak and hickory if ya ask me.


cherry wood with a hint of spongy cotton wood.

I would say to take it to an Upolstery person and say recover with softer foam. Should only be 65 or less. Just a suggestion.


Check out

A.H. McLaughlin. Never done business w/them yet, but they have lots of goodies for WRs including seat foam in different heights and densities. Amazing what you find surfing for days (darned weather): aluminum WR fuel tanks from Germany... who'd a thunk it? The above web site has the dual sport mirror adapters someone else was asking about...even rear carrier racks! Good to see do-it-yourself non-stock entrepreneurialism (that's a big word!)surviving despite the govt. and AMA. 'Course if you had a big soft a** you wouldn't need to modify your 'if you can't do it on this you should find another sport' stock bike...there I go again... :)


You're seat is the stock foam height, I promise you that. It's so hard, you can't sink into it, just like the stock YZ foam, too. So it probably seems taller than what it should be.

Dude, go with They have soft, medium, and hard foams, both in tall and normal height. If you get the soft foam, normal height you'll be in heaven :)

Any cover will work on these.

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