02 426 with a WB E2

just put it on, and it doesn't seem to want to start like it used to with the older WB E series (the one with the plates) anybody have any suggestions as far as jetting goes? my shop manual says

I ride at Sea Level

main jet 162

pilot jet 42

fuel screw 1 3/8 turns out

4th groove with the stock needle

but my JD Jetting says

main jet 170

blue tipped needle with it in the 4th groove

fuel screw 1 1/4 turns

can someone please point me in the right direction, i loved my E_series pipe, it was a bit loud, but ran great, always started first kick. no popping, awesome power, this new E2 looks great, but the tip (with the spark arrestor) appears to look very restrictive.. (what do i know though)


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