08 yz 450 exhausts?

hey guys looking at getting a new exhaust for my moto

what exhausts have you put on your bikes? full system or just muffler

how did it effect your bike?

did you need to change the jetting?

none uunless ur initals r RC or JS.

or CR... Damn, my boy can't get no play at all... :thumbsup:

I changed the endcap on the YZ450f when I had it to include a spark arrestor and a quiet tip so I could ride it in the woods. Promotobillet rocks. As mentioned the bikes have pltnty of power right off the floor for most mortals...

Maybe try in the YZ450 forum for more responses.

The 08 exhaust is said to have taken hp away from the bike because it's choked up (read as much as 2hp). Dr. D is said to add 2hp overall to it, but if you're on a tight budget, why not see if you can find a stock 07 pipe to try on it? Of course, that will make it look a year older than it really is. Good luck with what you decide to go with.

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