Who makes the loudest, most power-adding pipe for the XR650L

LMAO over this one! The HD covention "Oyster Run" was in Anancortes, WA this weekend and all I heard was the loud straight pipes, they are so cool! NOT! ya know I even broke down and bought a 2007 HD Dyna Super Glide Custom (for riding to work and I liked the old school look) it has stock pipes and the wife says she can hear me coming home. And if your wondering if I attended their "little beat off celebration" NO I did not and WILL NOT, I consider myself a motorcycle enthusiast and I don't need the HD Bad boy thing going on nor the loud pipes. I do run after market pipes on my XR250R and XR650L though... FMF Power Core IV and FMF Q2 respectively.

no offense intended Motosportsman, you are not one of the "riders" i was talking aabout. you ride your harley for what it can do for you not how you look on the bike.:thumbsup:

...but he still rides a Hardley:p :thumbsup:

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