Rekluse Z start Pro WoW!!!!

I have a 2000 yz426 that I bought about 8 months ago, and I ride mostly tight trails in oregon and washington. I have read about all the good upgrades on Thumpertalk and was planning on doing most of them to make the bike better on trails. That included the weighted flywheel, 01 clutch upgrade, Dr D hot start, changing sprokets and a number of other ones I had read about. I was just waiting to get some extra money. I then talked to the guys at D&S cycle in aloha and they said they had great results with the rekluse and they said it would take care of the problems I was having with stalling,the clutch and trying to restart the bike using the hot start on hills and trails. I had them install the the rekluse pro which they had not installed before and they said it was alot easier to install than the original Z start and had better parts and easier adjustments. I have to tell you after two trips to the woods this is the best thing ever you can go anywhere and not worry about tight areas, hills, roots, rocks, ruts, sudden braking your bike never stalls. You can go slow as you want and still goose it and have all of the 426 power. Sorry for the long post but I wanted people to know you don't need all of the other mods because the rekluse takes care of all of the problems. The only time I had to start my bike is when I unloaded it and if I turned it off to look at a map.:thumbsup:

I have one on my '04 ,and love it.

One of the best mods I have done

They make great components!

going down hill with a recluse clutch can be exciting.kick the idle up it helps to slow'er down.

I ride single track in Montana on my '04 WR 450, stepping up the '08 KTM 300 with the Rekluse Pro. I rode a friends 300 with the Pro last week and that sold me on the clutch. Life is going to be so much easier in the tight spots. Half my energy was spent on some narly hill or boulder field with the 450. Keeping the 450 for the open spaces, otherwise it will collect dust for awhile.

I ride an 04 YZ450 fitted a 50 tooth rear, then a 13 oz flywheel weight and lastly the Rekluse by far the best mod you can do to the bike is the clutch, easy to install works exactly as advertised and is fantastic on the bike.

I just installed a Z-Start Pro on my '03 YZ450F and it was the best thing I could have done to my bike. No more arm pump on my left forearm from having to use the clutch so much in the tight twisty stuff or on the technical hills.

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