05 WR450F ignition

I have a '05 WR450F and continually forget to turn off the ignition button, killing my battery. Is the draw only from the red light on the ignition swith or does the switch go to something else that my be drawing current when switched on. My goal is to by pass the on/off button and wire it to be on all the time if possible.


It is just the light drawing juice. I installed a keyed ignition that I generally leave on with no loss of battery power.

You can also just get a battery tender and no more worries. About 30 bucks or so. Ciao JP :thumbsup:

Just pop the little button off of your kill switch. THe kill switch won't work and you will be forced to shut the bike off using the ignition switch.

problem solved.

I've left that thing on for a couple weeks before and my bike started up.

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