Are my valves within Spec??????help please!

iam doing a valve clearance check on my yz426 and came up with these stats.

Exhuast left: .008

Exhaust right: .009


Intake left: .005

Intake middle: .005

Intake right: .005

Also, do the feeler guages have to be really snug under the cam lobe or is it supposed to to move some what freely under the lobe?

THANKS in advanced!

They're all perfectly in spec as long as it's a '02 or later.

The drag on the feeler should be such that it feels as if there is no more space between the parts than the size of the gauge, but the gauge is not being forced into place, either. Sometimes it is just that one size fits freely and the next is too tight, meaning the clearance is somewhere between the two numbers.

If you sit a feeler gauge on a sheet of metal, and hold a 10" crescent wrench on edge by the handle end with the round part on top of the jaw resting on the feeler, the drag you get when you pull the gauge out is as tight as you should accept.

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