08 yz 450 clutch problems?

Just wondering if any 08 450 owners have had any problems with the clutches in there bikes. After burning 10 laps at the track yesterday, I noticed i had way to much freeplay at the lever. Enough to stall the bike in corners. I adjusted the freeplay properly at that point and rode 10 more laps. No problems. I came in and let the bike sit for 20 minutes and the clutch cable was tight as a bowstring. This is not good during a 30 minute moto. Can't pull over and adjust the clutch in the middle of it. Never had this problem with my 06. From what I understand they have changed some components from 06 to 08? What do you guys think?

wut are you riding it like a 125?

Same thing happens to mine. One of the Magazines mentioned it aswell. I think this will make up leave the clutch alone. Sure like that light pull though. Make sure to readjust when it cools down or it will burn up super quick. Fortunately I never race 30 minute motos. I think that is reseved for the Pros. Most of my local races are 5 laps and I had no problem with it this past weekends race.

This always happens to me on my 06. It was greater when in the first months of use. After that it is just a slight adjustment.

Just remember to use the same old rule as on the other bikes, leave 0,5 cm freeplay at the tip of the clutch lever and it will be ok. I race 30+ motos.

Don't adjust the clutch after the moto. Leave it until just before the next moto. This makes the difference in the clutch feeling overtightened after the bike cools down a bit.

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