First off road ride with my XR650L

For a street legal tire that is more based off road Dunlop 606 and 90, Pirelli mt21, Bridgestone e663

The best tire will be opinion but I would say these are among the very best off road legal DS tire. These exhibit less than an ideal road tire. Its always a compramise with a DS tire.

i liked my mt21's, great offroad. will wear quick on the hiway alot. i got 1200 miles out of the rear and the front is scalloped.

My 606s have about 1300 and still about another 500 or so out of the rear Thats not bad to get 2k out of a knobbie rear and i ride ALL street

those 606's a hard compound? the mt21's seem a little softer.

dont know havent bitten into em to check they were on the bike when i got it.

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