Anyone damaged or seized their front caliper and still have the parts?

I broke the piece that bolts to the fork. The piece that allows the caliper to float.

Unfortunately this piece is not available separately - has anyone replaced their front caliper and still have the parts - and maybe willing to part with this piece?


I could sell you that part, or a complete new caliper, but I think you should buy the caliper carrier from someone like Braking, and maybe get an oversize rotor.

Or, you could go to the races and ask everyone you see with an oversize rotor if they will sell their stock caliper carrier.

Scott -

Unfortunately, I am a computer programmer who has been out of work for the last 5 months :)

A shoestring budget for riding would be an overstatement. All the time - but no money to ride.

If you could, PM me with how much you would want for that part - thanks!

Hey Sean, there was a complete WR master cyl.,hose,and caliper assembly for sale on e-bay a few days ago so cheap ($30) that I thought about bidding for it as a spare. You need it worse. Good luck, hope it's still there. :)

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