Fork seal leak - can I still ride?

Last weekend after riding my 06 450F I noticed some fluid on my brake caliper. This is the first I noticed it and my question is can I still ride this weekend or should I wait until I get the seal replaced. I read about the film strip method of trying to get some dirt out and attempted that using a laminate business card but did not see anything come out (Dirt, etc...). I rode the bike around the back yard tonight and noticed a small bit of fluid that came out while doing that. The forks also make a squeel/rubbing sound when compressing using the front brake. This weekend is supposed to be nice weather but I will skip it if sound like damage could be done. Thanks for your advice.

I ran into this problem a couple of times. I bought some seal savers. They are designed to slide underneath the seal to clean out the seal. Just make sure you pop off the dust seal first.

It worked ok, but it still leaked a bit at the end of the day.

The main thing to watch for is getting fork oil on the front rotor. This will contaminate your brake pads and decrease your front braking by about 75%. Not fun:thumbsdn:

If it is just dribbling, I would say go ahead and ride it and fix it later. If the oil is spilling all over, you might just want to save yourself the time and get it fixed.

Hope that helps.

i had the same problem on my yz 426, my forks started to leak....

i wnt for a ride the day afta that but jst took it eays, nufing big...

i suppose if u hav still got oil in the forks u should b alrite, when u run out thats when i suggest u shouldnt ride it...

but if u can hold of untill you fix them, thats the best idea, better to b safe then sorry....

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