Easy xrl rear spring preload adjustment!!!

As was looking at the xrl motard this morning, I had an idea that actually worked (that's something new!).

Anyway, after I took off the mud shield and loosened the top lock ring on the shock, I took my strap type auto oil filter remover, put it around the spring and turned the spring to the desired preload. (the threaded adjustment ring rotated with the spring - perfect!)

I then spun (tapped) the lock ring back down against the adjustment ring and reinstalled the mud shield.

Easy as it gets!

You may want to give it a shot.


I do the same thing with the mud flap removel method but I spray the lock rig and threads with silicone spray. Lots of it don't be shy. Now I tap the lockring losse and back it off. With the bike on a stand so the weight is off the shock I can simply turn the spring by hand and the ajustment ring moves with it. Ajust and tighten the lockring with a slight tap and your good to go. The silicone spray works great for this as it lubs up the threats and blasts out any dirt in the threads but dries completely and leaves nothing for dirt to stick to. If I won't turn at first by hand than a strap wrench works great to just as jdilpkle said.

Right on. I bought the pig used and I doubt if the preload was ever touched. I just put 17's on it with Pirelli Diablos and am dialing things in still. I'll lube it up good like you said, and maybe next time it will only need a bare handed twist. I have to tell you, for a pig, this thing will easily embarrass a crotch-rocket in twisty land!

Too much fun! Good to talk to you.


I think alot of people just get used to riding it where ever it is set rather than set it up for thier needs as it looks hard to get at. My 650R is in dual sport trim now, I keep the road going to a min. just to get to the dirt. Motard is looking more and more appealing every time I see one. :thumbsup:

Man, I wish i would have searched this subject two days ago instead of today... what a b!tch it was.

As most I don't think the preload was ever touched on my '04 I picked up a week or two ago... what mushy pile of crap it felt like. I'm only 180 but man it felt like it turned into a lowrider when i hopped on it.

After I realized there was no way in hell I taking the whole airbox out just to adjust preload with my spanner wrench I just grabbed a flathead and a hammer and tapped and tapped and TAPPED, turning the ring until i finally got the sag set right.

Thank you guys that posted your tips... I'll know now for fine tuning!

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