differences in oil

When you all say that you use mobil1 15w50 tri synthetic do you use the motorcycle version or the car version. the only difference between them that i could see was that one was 8 bucks and the other 4.50. the stuff labled motorcycle was 8. When all of you that use the mobil 1 15W50 which do you use or can you use both or are they the same. thanks guys.



From what I've researched and read from some good sources on DRN, etc., there is little or no difference in the oils. There MIGHT be one additive that is different, but essentially everyone says use the cheaper car Mobile1. A lot of dealers scare new riders about using "car" oils, so I'm sure this is a ploy by Mobile to give riders the okidokie on using their oil...who knows. I've used it exclusively in my WR (after break-in) and previously in my Husaberg (that only held one puny quart) and have had zero problems. My 'berg looked like brand new on the inside when I replaced the timing chain last year. The factory recommended and shipped with synthetic. Walmart is finally stocking the 15-50 Mobile in the large 5 quart jugs for $17.95. Not bad!!

thank you. That is what i was waiting for. I bought the stuff seven days ago. Posted but then the site went down. So i have been waiting. But thanks alot.


so no one else has anything more to say on this?

Its not that no one has anything else to say, just that it has all been said so many times. Do a search using the term "oil" or "which oil" and you will see.

A good link is this one: click here

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:) Everyone has different opinions on this, I will only use BIKE oil, due to alledged friction inhibitors in car oil which do your clutch no good at all, No-one has reported any problems from using car oil (or admitted it anyway LOL :D )

So as has been seen before, we can "Discuss" till the cows come home, it will still be your choice Ha Ha HA! sorry! :D

Oil, even at $8qt, is cheap compared to parts. There IS a difference between motor (car) oil and 4-stroke motorcycle oil: friction modifiers. Cars don't have wet clutches. Be nice to your's. For what its worth, I run Mobil1 motorcycle synthetic (@ six bucks/qt at Walmart) in my WR with no problems. Be careful to get the 4stroke stuff and not the V-twin. Can't say for sure, but I believe the V-twin is like car oil: separate gearbox/engine oils, so it probably has friction modifiers, too, or maybe lacks something else. If you trust the brand, then trust their recommendations.

:D Well Lewichris NOT IMHO...BUT what do I know LOL?! :):D

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i did a search on mobil 1 and got what i was looking for. So you are saying that the dollarstore motor oil wouldn't be the best thing then.

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