does an 06 yz450 have a factory installed smog device?

I asked the shop at the end of my street what is needed to have a street legal bike. All I need is a headlight, tail light, 1 reflector, a working horn and for 96 and newer a factory installed smog device. I wasn't sure if this bike has anything like that. Any help appreciated.

from the factory the bike does have a smog device. at least the ones from the west coast....thanks for nothin' cali'.

unfortunately they really effect performance and most people remove it to improve performance. also i would check and see if Mo. requires a working brake light- most states do and it's easy adding horn, brakelight.

The WR450 does, but the YZ450 does not.


I don't know where you got your info, but:

A) The YZ450 has no emission controls of any sort whatsoever, and:

:thumbsup: The requirement for such devices on street bikes outside California is a result of Federal Law, having nothing at all to do with that state.


The best answer to your question would come from the Motor Vehicle Regulatory agency in your own state. Laws vary, but in general, the vehicle must have a DOT approved and functional headlight, tail light, and a stop light that operates when either brake is applied. The lights generally must stay lit with the engine off, and many states require turn signals. Not all states enforce Federal emissions requirements, but many do. In some areas, such as California, for example, a bike that was originally for "off highway use cannot be converted or modified in any way to be registered as a street bike. The exception is that any motorcycle that has been previously "plated" in another state can generally be re-registered in CA, but getting out of state registration often requires establishing a residence in the second state.

What was told to me by the mechanic who would do the inspection required by the state was that I would need a headlight (functioning of course), a tailight and brakelight but they could be one unit, a reflector on the rear, only need turn signals if it was originally equipped with such, and a horn, any 1996 and newer must have a factory installed smog device. Was hoping maybe something in the caberator or something would fit the bill here. So I was thinking this really wouldn't be hard to do but I think they show stopper here is the smog device.

The YZ is a race bike and it does not have to comply with emission laws, so no, it does not have a factory-installed smog device.

I am a licensed state of Missouri inspector. I just looked in my newest regulations book and it does not say anywhere about have to install any pollution equipment on 96 on later bike. But alot of street bikes do have converters for exhausts. They have to be there if originally equiped with them. And turn sigs are required to work if equiped with them. They can be removed and still pass. You use your hand signals that your required to know when taking your motorcycle license exam.

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