1988 xr600

I have a 1988 xr600 that is starting to pop in and out of 3rd gear, kind of like the chain is slipping a tooth on the sprocketts.Any idea what it could be and how to repair. I think the gear(s) are shot and I'll be pulling the engine to repair. Kevin

You will not know until you have it apart, but I would guess that you are looking at replacing both drive and driven 3rd gear. Popping out of gear usually means that the engagement dogs are worn. Those gears are expensive. I replaced 2sd and 3rd on mine and the gears were about $225.

I had a 86 with a bad 3rd gear.Had to replace 3rd input and output and the shift fork, sometimes you can't see the bent fork but you can see wear on it where the gear rubs.Mine also needed almost all the other gears replaced! The shift cogs were all rounded,it had a lot of road miles.I had bought it for 75.00 in a box.. sold it for 1200.00 and made 100.$ profit. gears are spendy!!!!

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