Wierd electrical problem.

I've got a baja designs dual sport kit on my 99 YZ400 super moto, and last night my lights started acting up. I was on my way home from a party at like 2am and had been riding on the freeway for about 25min at fairly high rpm. Once I exited the freeway and started going slow on side streets I noticed that my lights were getting really dim. I rev'd the bike a few times, and the light would get brighter momentarily but dim back down. By the time I made it to my house I had virtually no lights at all. Also, normally a ride that long would have charged the battery enough to run the lights a bit after shutting it off, but I had nothing.

This morning i pulled the seat to check connections, everything looked good. I fired up the bike, and everything was back to normal. WTH? Is it possible for the stator to overheat or something? What else is there to manage power? The BD kit was on the bike when I got it, so I really dont know much about how it works.



i dunno what to tell ya dood, i have an 00 yz426 and it was doing the same thing, so i just took the battery out, i think its cuz th elittle battery i was using wasnt meant to be totally discharged and then recharged, but im not sure, just make sure to keep the revs up if theres cops around

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