endurace speedo and EBC disc

After i put on a oversized EBC disc my "endurace" speedo reads fast. Reset all settings,wheel size etc. have the magnet mounted on the wheel in the same spot (disc bolt) Has anyone else had this problem??

The only thing I can think of, is that the original sensor mount must have been set in such a way that it double counts. You might want to try locating the magnet further away (towards the axle, and maybe only a millimeter, or so at a time) from the sensor, to see what happens.

I can't imagine what else could do this......I've mounted a few in my time.

I would also call Trailtech.....they've been a great resource for info, on some of the different apps I've tried.

thanks for the input ,I'll try and call trailtech monday. Iv'e taken a closer look and on the old disc there is air space between the mount bolts (as you spin the tire) and the new one is solid . I can mount the magnet farther out on the new rotor but that means i have to drill and tap another hole in the caliper adapter.Just want to make sure before i do it.

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