PowerPegz for the XR

I had been trying to get a pair of pivoting powerpegz for my xrl for almost a year. The pres of the company sent me a set of the prototypes to try, as there is going to be a delay in the release.

First I like to say thanks to Jim for allowing me the chance to try them!

When I received them I was taken back as how substantial of a peg they are. They are about 8oz heavier than my ims pegs, but these are prototypes, so the weight may reduce when they can be cast. The new design is a much better maintenance free design.

Performance wise they are fantastic! Stability is the real key to these pegs. The peg itself has a very large foot print allowing my foot to be much more stable. The pivoting action of the peg gives much more control/stability while riding. Going up or down hills is a lot more comfortable. No longer trying to dance on the edge of the peg looking for a good hold. The pivot allows your feet to remain in full contact with the face of the peg giving more confidence that you are in control. This pivoting action also helps in control as the pegs pivot allows your foot to be firmly planted on the peg and rotate the peg to apply brakes or shift. Another plus in the pivoting action is when going over rough terrain such as rocks/ whoops. The bike bounces and rocks underneath you, but your feet remain in full contact with the pivoting peg.

Love them, and will not go back to another. The test now will be durability over the long haul.

These should be standard on all off road motorcycles. Thanks again Jim!!!

Iv'e always thought these were a good idea I even was going to bye some but the 650r wasn't listed. (at the time) I'm still going to get some but now i need a set of tires first.

I've had mine on for a week.

No problem ordering them, as they are identical to the pegz for the XR200 and XR400.

Also took the Fastways off my R1200GS, and put Powerpegz on that.

I'm really happy with the feel, but, more importantly, it allows my size 12 feet to shift and rear brake much better!


Got some pics or a link??

Got some pics or a link??



Powerpegz website says: XR pegs for 200/250/400/600/650 are "coming soon".

That sounds to me like they're not yet available.

Do pegs for the 650R and 650L have the same mounts?

I emailed powerpegz about a month ago and they replied saying that they will be ready by about December. I don't mind the wait as I'm doing a full strip and re-build on the XRL over the winter.

Great to hear that they are worth the wait :thumbsup:

can we see a pic of them on your L?

can we see a pic of them on your L?

+1 waiting for pics

I bought my Powerpegz for my 650L at www.Cycle-Analyst.com. In stock, free shipping. No hassles. Two thumbs up!!


Much thanks goes out to you Olyrider2. Powerpegz has stopped manufacturing. I searched everywhere for thier limited xr production run. No one had them. Then I remembered this thread. You had stated you already gotten a pair and listed where you purchased. Contacted them yesterday and they had 1 pair for the xr left. $100 delivered. Fricken awesome. If anyone comes across more please let me know.

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