Where is my master link? XR650L

Got a flat on my xr650l and went to pull the chain nmaster link...

there isn't one..

I do have a chain breaker.. do I break it and get a master link or is there some secret honda tech I'm not aware of?

what up... sorry for the dumb question but all the bike I ever owned had clipped master link...duh what do I do?

BTW street bikes all have endless chains now for safety reasons (oem). You just need to read the make and style off the side plates and take the info to a dealer. He can supply a master link in rivet or clip style.:thumbsup:

You shouldn't need to take the chain off to take the wheel off the bike. Loosen the bolt and rotate the adjusters so you can push the wheel axle all the way up. From there you will have enough slack to get the chain off the rear sprocket. Are you gonna put a new chain on? Stock is an endless chain.

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