Newbieee Question

I would like to introduce myself. I purchased a used 1998 WR 400 here in Colorado Springs back in January and man is this bike the bomb. I used to ride a XT 225 to learn the basic and needed a bike with more power and a suspension. I found this site when I was doing research on types of bike and have been lurking for a while, reading everything I can about this bike.

Now I have a question I hope someone can answer. The last time I have ridden the bike, I noticed that I was leaking fork oil from under the seal. It wasn't pouring out, but enough to leave a little puddle. It seem to get a little dirt under the seal, which I promply cleaned up with a thin feeler guage. I would like to add a few CC's of Fork Oil back to the shock to make up for the little that was lost. Can I do this without completely disassembling the forks? An How? Do I just bleed any air from the fork with the little screw, remove the cap bolt and add the little oil that I need. Help..

Thanks for any help.

Curt Allen

My first suggestion is ofcourse going to be...pull the forks off and get them serviced! It's not THAT much for seals & service. The problem is only going to get worse.

If you're attempting to add oil I suppose you could do it through the bleeder hole, but may not be able to check the level. Put the bike on a stand, front wheel raised!! Remove the top cap of the fork with a spanner wrench then do the oil that way. Check the manual for oil height recommendations. NOTE: I have not been in these particular forks yet, just going on basic knowledge of forks.

Get them serviced asap though. :)

John Olds at Rocky Mountain Cycle Plaza just did my forks. He comes highly recommended around here apparently. Cost me $200 to have the forks and shocks raised back to stock length and revalved for my weight.

There is also a suspension shop in Engelwood that my Denver friends say is great but I can't find their info. Sorry.

Let me know if you ever want to go riding.


[ March 18, 2002: Message edited by: Dan Lawrence ]

Just get new seals and cleaned . things can get pretty gumed up in there . It will handle better after a good cleaning and fresh oil .

Thanks for the response guys. I'll be giving John Olds a call in a couple of weeks then to get the front forks a good clean and tune.

Dan, I usually ride the Divide trail system off Trout Creek road. I'll shoot you an e-mail once the trails start to dry up.


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