Here's a little cheap trick to make DR turn signals brighter...

Washed my bike today (had so many bugs on the front that I think it made the front end heavier LOL) and as I was finishing up I was looking at the stock turning signal, wondering if it is reflective on the inside at all...

So I took the amber plastic off just to find out that it is not really reflective. The inside is black plastic with a quick (and incomplete) spray of silver-ish color.

Had some 3M reflective tape lying around and I put two pieces behind bulbs on both sides on the back and you know what - I swear it is noticeably brighter when looking from the back?

Plan on doing the front too, and need to check the brake light too - not sure what kind of reflector is in there...

There you go... a quick cheap mod, every bit helps I guess!

Excellent idea!! Wonder if tin foil would work? I will give it a try.

Krylon makes a specialty reflective spray paint that goes on clear, but reflects white light from the painted part. The paint is hard to find in stores, but makes the swingarm, front forks, rims, spokes, etc. light up when headlights hit them. Maybe it would work inside the light fixtures?

In anycase, great idea. Thanks.

Great idea, did you use the silver metallic duct tape?

Great idea, did you use the silver metallic duct tape?

Nope I had a little bit of 3M reflective tape that I bought at Autozone earlier to put a bit of it on my Helmet and on my top Givi case. So it was an actual reflective tape stuff, adhesive on one side.

I am guessing that foil would work if you had some double sided tape to hold it in place.

I've had tin foil in mine for over a year. Don't know if it helps but seemed like a good idea at the time.

I put foil in mine too. I think it makes a big difference.

Great idea...i think you could use foil tape used for ducting, Home Depot sells it.

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