what next?

I have ridden an XR 650R for seven years in the Mojave area and sometimes wonder why I abuse myself with this pig that I have mixed emotions about constantly. I look at the CR 500 and think why is this bike is in the deck of cards of potential new bikes. The CR seems to be the best aggressive trail bike that is super reliable and cheap to maintain while these new CRF X's sound like they can be expensive and wear out quick. And then I debate the switch to a KTM 505xc which is tabou on this Honda site but I can only say that after this long I need a change. I need more power, agility and less weight!, basically a burly trail bike. What next?

you may be out of luck if the 650r is not doing enough for you.:thumbsup:

CR500AF is next.

There's still something about that 2-stroke that also appeals to me. My friend has a late-90's CR500, it's a powerful bike and more fun to ride compared to the XR650R...I suppose you can try to look for one used and not abused which may be hard to find.

I see a KX500AF showing up. Maybe there's Green in your future? That should make the environmentalists happy

I've been in your shoes.

A CR500 is no trail bike. But if you want 5th gear 70mph effortless wheelies and to float over stuff the 650R plows through, you won't be dissappointed.

The modern 450's come pretty close to that kind of power to weight ratio, but not quite.


The CR500 is a great trail bike.

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