My Pig is sick...

'06 XR 650 R

I rode my Pig about a month back.... yeah I know, I should ride more.... :thumbsup: but a man has to work :thumbsup:

Anyhow, When I rode it last it started up real easy and ran great (as usual)

I tried to start it yesterday and it took about 30 kicks to fire it up.

I figured it was old gas, so I gave it fresh gas with a dose of Stable.

It seems to run fine when I can get it running, it's very hard to start and

will back fire (real loud) during the starting process.

I know all about the "kick to clear" and hot start stuff, but I think I have

old gas / gummed up pilot circuit or something because apart from the

hard start, at least 50% of the time, If I blip the throttle it'll just die and be

really hard to start after that.

I'm going to clean out the carb in the morning and check the valves, the back firing

has me a bit worried.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


Will it idle and does it work properly at partial throttle.

Will it idle and does it work properly at partial throttle.

Yes it will idle and runs fine when rolling at Partial and full throttle.

However, after Idling for a while it'll just cut out and be hard to start up

again after that.

I haven't checked the plug, but the pipe is a tad black (as usual) so that

end (main jet) seems okay / normal.


A month really isnt that long, but cleaning the carb and putting a new plug in are good ideas.

plugged pilot circuit. i know you prob. know, add stabill BEFORE letting sit for awhile!

Thanks, I found 2 things, The pilot circuit was indeed gummed up a bit.

but the exhaust valves had tightened up too much as well. (hence the back firing) I cleaned the carb and reset the valves (PITA exhaust side) and it fires up nice and easy again. The was the first time I've have to adjust the exhaust valves in 6K miles, so it's not too bad I guess. At least this means that they have "seated" in now.


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