1989 xr600....couple questions

hey everyone, im been lurkin around ur site for a little while now, just desided to join up. Im picking up a 1989 xr 600 today, got her for 375.00 couldnt turn that deal down. I know the drawbacks of the rear drum brake, the non cartride style forks and ive also read about some funky type of exhaust on this year bike. This brings me to my first question, ive been looking to see what types of after market exhausts are available and i havnt seen anything listed for this year other than the pipe from xr's only. I also found a use dpro circuit pipe for an 86 xr 600 but cant seem to find any information as to whether it will fit. Any insight? also, as for parts such as plastics etc....will other years bike parts fit this bike, from other xr 600s, 650 and maybe even 400s. One last thing, other than the rear break and the forks, what other drawbacks/downsides are there to this bike and what would be the first course of action you guys would take in terms of tune up/ engine maintanance, (the bike has been sitting for a yar with gummed up carbs, sopposedly ran a year ago)? thanks a lot everybody, lets hope i got myself a good deal

1.) Order a manual. You can even get the Honda manual. It is better than the Clymer. Check ebay. That's how I go my Honda manual.

2.) Clean carbs. Get a bunch of carb cleaner and have at it. MAke sure that every passageway in the carb flows carb cleaner. Don't forget the airfilter. If you need a new one get a Uni or TwinAir.

3.) Change the oil and filter. Change it again after 100-200 miles. After that I change the filter every other oil change. I run the Rotella T 15W-40 oil. At your first change clean the screen at the bottom of the frame tube. I clean it every 3 or 4 changes. Do some searches it has been covered here before.

4.) Fresh gas.

Get the bike going. After it's running you can do the following when you get a chance.

5.) Adjust valves.

6.) Lube cables.

7.) Check brakes pads and shoes.

Things that may have been deferred or just plain never done.

8.) Dissemble clean and lube swingarm bearings and linkage bearings.

9.) Dissemble clean and lube head tube bearings.

I have an 89 I put Race Tech Cartridge emulators and heavy springs in it. The front end seems very comfy know. Mine came with a supertrapp exhaust on it that I'm happy with. I believe the problem is the different header pipes to the muffler on the 88 to 90 model. If you change the headers, any XR600 system fits. The brake isn't a problem down shift if you need to it'll stop.

ha, ok so now that i have it, its not an 89, sorry for the confusion and possible wasting of ur time, its an 87, with twin carbs, the float is stuck, so its leakin gas, pulled the plug to check for spark, plug was dry so i doubt gas is even gettin to the engine, so...cleaning the carbs will definelty have to be done soon. Also, the rear shock seems extremely soft, and it looks as if it is even sagging pretty bad when im on it. The spanner nuts on the shock are all the way down, will this cause a soft shock and some sagging or is my shock blown? are they rebuildable or adjustable for this type of situation. Ill do some searchin....thanks

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